This is What Your Sleeping Position Can Tell about You


It may sound weird to analyze your sleeping position and get some insights out of it, but according to Robert Phipps, a body language expert who has conducted a survey for Premier Inn, a popular British budget hotel.

Your sleeping position can reveal quite a lot about your personality. It may say how stubborn or bossy you are or how stressful your day was. We have combined here a list of different types of sleeping positions.


On Your Side, Knees Out

If you are one of those people who cannot sleep without lying on your side whilst sticking your knees out, then you tend to be a calm and reliable person. You don’t get irritated easily and you are open to the future and accept to be venerable.

Your love of life makes you a highly optimistic person and you like to show it by keeping a smile on your face all the time. Even if you live in the Scandinavian countries, the cold, gray and gloomy winter mornings won’t affect your mood.

You flow with water, very flexible and you adapt to changes whenever life challenges you with some.



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