The 10 Foods You Will Regret Placing in the Freezer


Is one of these foods in your freezer right now? Uh oh! You’re so going to regret it! It looks like the refrigerator and microwave aren’t the only sources of stupid kitchen mistakes as too many people clearly misunderstand the freezer.

Storing your foods in the freezer is probably the best way to make them last longer, but the problem is that not every food can handle the freezing process or will be able to hold up after defrost.


Dairy Products

In fact, only a few dairy products can handle being frozen, as some of them would become watery and lose their rich taste and texture in that dark cold box. Try freezing sour cream and you’ll see how it will separate and become so gross.

But you can still freeze cream with sugar, whipped cream, and high-fat cream, as well as cheese as long as it has more than 40% of fat. Milk can also be frozen as long as it hasn’t been removed from its original container.

Keep in mind that thawed milk isn’t a good idea if you want to drink it straight since it will turn lumpy, but it can do well if you want to use it in cooking.



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