8 Amazing Health Benefits of Alcohol You Never Knew!


Alcohol is probably the most popular artificial beverage in the world. We can see the presence of alcohol in ancient texts and epics. Humans knew how to make wine and alcohol from grains and fruits, even in prehistoric times. You can find the health hazards of alcohol from all over the Internet. However, no one will tell you the upside of having a booze. Surprised, right? It’s true.

Alcohol is not as evil as our general perception. It can improve metabolism and bone strength, if used moderately. However, one should always be careful not to become an alcoholic. Like most things, if used carelessly, it will harm your health. Consider this as a warning. Now, let’s see how alcohol can be used in a positive way.

1Bone development

Alcohol, especially beer, is good for bones. It contains silicon, which is an essential ingredient of bone tissue. Moderate consumption of beer can help boost the development of bone strength. Actually, this phenomenon is much evident in woman.



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