7 Natural Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy & Attractive!


Smile is a personal trait that defines a man. Bad tooth is the sign of unhygienic behavior. However, due to many reasons our teeth can get stains. Let it be due to smoking or infection, stained teeth will scare people away from you. You can’t talk to anyone with confidence, if you have bad teeth. You can lose some of your harmful habits and improve oral hygiene. There are some traditional and scientifically proven methods for stain removal. You can do any of these to get a bright, white and healthy teeth.

1Coconut oil

Oil gargling is a very traditional method of reducing tooth stains. When you gargle with oil, all the stains and foreign particles will get stuck to the oil. You can then simply just wash them away. Coconut oil is the best natural way to reduce tooth stains.



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